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CleanedRite Pest Control London - Bee Control Information

There are 3 main types of bees: 

Do not hibernate in the winter although they slow down and become inactive. They produce honey and store it in wax comb and use the same hive from 1 year to the next. They are slightly smaller than Bumblebees and live in larger colonies.

Only the queen hibernates and survives the winter. Bumblebees do make a small amount of honey (no more than a tablespoon at any time), which they store in a special cup like cell. They normally only use their nest for 1 season, but do occasionally return to the same nest the following year.

Miner bees
Normally the first bee to be seen in Spring. They do not sting as their stinger cannot pierce human skin. They nest by burrowing into the ground.


Facts about bees
Generally bees will not attack humans, unless their life is under threat. If a bee comes near you, do not wave your arms around wildly. Stand quietly and once the bee smells you are not a flower, they will move gently away. Bumblebees do not lose their sting and die if they use it, where as Honeybees do. However, Drone Bumblebees (smaller male bees) do not sting at all. When the drone Bumblebees hatch in mid summer the sudden increase in bee numbers can frighten people who are nervous about insects

Service we provide
We do not recommend treatment as bees are harmless and are not a pest or threat

If it is absolutely necessary, our Pest Control officers will try to remove the nest, or spray a powder to kill the colony