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CleanedRite Pest Control London - Flea Control Information


The flea life cycle
It is important that you understand the life-cycle of a flea to make sure treatment is as effective as possible.

A female flea will lay up to 50 eggs per day, about 2,000 in her lifetime. She will lay them on your pet and they quickly fall off as they are not sticky. The eggs hatch in to larvae in between 2-5 days. The larvae head toward dark places around your home and feed on flea dirt - excrement of partially digested blood of your pet. The larvae grow, molt twice, and spin cocoons, where they form in to a pupae. The pupae stage averages 8-9 days depending on weather conditions. The adults come out of their cocoons when they detect a host is nearby. Once they hop onto a host, the adults mate and begin the life-cycle all over again

The entire life cycle can be as short as 3-4 weeks. There tends to be an increase in fleas 5-6 weeks after the weather starts to warm up

Why have I got fleas in my home/workplace when there are no pets?
In the summer fleas can survive outside and be carried into buildings. Visiting friends or clients who have fleas in their homes can transport fertile fleas into the home or workplace. If you have visited a public building with fleas, you can bring them home
If you move into a new house or flat you can inherit a flea problem

Fleas in the pupae stage can remain dormant for up to 9 months and then hatch when you walk into an empty property. This is a common problem for landlords/landladies and estate agents

Treatment of pets
Treatment of pets is essential. Pet treatment, which contains a growth inhibitor (a product that stops the development of the flea egg), is very important. You should:

Groom and treat your pets. Animals swallow eggs when they clean themselves so grooming with a flea comb will help stop this. Flea eggs will drop off so groom outside. Your vet can give advice about flea treatments

Hot wash pet bedding regularly
Vacuum and clean your home regularly, including furniture

Treatment we can provide
If you decide you would like our pest control officers to provide treatment, please make sure you have read and followed the advice below:

What you need to do before the pest control officer visits:
Vacuum clean your entire house, including sofas and chairs
Throw out the vacuum cleaner bag as it may contain flea eggs
Clear as much floor space as possible (not the furniture)
Start to treat your pets

After the pest control officer has provided treatment:
You must go out for 1-2 hours after treatment has been carried out
Animals must stay out of treated areas for a least 1 hour
Do not sit on anything that has been sprayed until it has dried
Do not let children play on the carpets until they are dry
Do not vacuum clean for 10 days, the longer you leave the treatment down the better

You may see fleas for some weeks. The adults will die, but eggs will be developing at different times and the emerging adults will die off as they come into contact with the treatment
The insecticide we use works for approximately 6 weeks, depending on house management. Fleas will still be developing after treatment so we cannot guarantee that treatment will completely get rid of the flea infestation. We know that the insecticides work, but treatment is not a total solution.

If you still have a problem with fleas after 10 days and contact us within 21 days after the first date of treatment, we will treat again free of charge. After 21 days, you will be charged the full amount.