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CleanedRite Pest Control London - Mice Infestation Information


Facts about mice
We deal with between 200-400 treatments per month for house mice. Our busiest months are between September and December
Mice live in dark, quiet places such as under floorboards, behind wall panelling and in roof spaces

Mice can climb rough surfaces, jump and even swim if necessary
Mice eat just 3g of food a day, often taken in small amounts from different places

A female mouse is usually pregnant for 20-23 days, has 5-6 litters a year with up to around 6 young in a litter. Mice have been known to have litters every 3-4 weeks which can lead to an explosion in numbers

Recognising a mouse problem
Mice tend to come out in late evening, and therefore are rarely seen, however you may notice any of the following signs of mouse activity:

A musty smell - left from the urine
Droppings - mice produce about 80 droppings per day. These droppings are generally up to 6 millimetres long and spindle shaped

Holes - gnawed in food wrapping, boxes and bags
Smear Marks - due to grease from fur deposits, which are left on habitual mouse runs

What can you do to prevent mice in your home?
The most effective control is to remove access to their sources of food and harbourage. This can be achieved by:

Sealing holes larger than 2-3 millimetres with sheet metal or concrete (wire mesh can be used if ventilation is required)
Keeping food in tightly fitting containers, preferably in wall cupboards or fridges
Cleaning up food, spills and waste and keep rubbish in bins with tightly fitting lids

Treatment we provide
Our pest officers will survey your property to confirm the nature and extent of your problem. This depends upon how easily they can access void areas (for instance under floorboards).

We will try to identify potential sources of food and harbourage and give you advice
We will try to identify where they are coming from and tell you how to proof these.
We will leave a bait box containing a poison, which kills mice by attacking their circulation. Normally this bait is completely eaten by mice and takes up to 14 days to work

Our officers are able to locate any holes in the property that may be used by pests.

Please make provisions to block these areas if you do not want the pest problem to return.

After treatment
It usually takes approximately 2 weeks (14 days) for treatment to work
If the bait box is empty, you can throw the bait box away in your normal domestic rubbish. Please take care to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards
If you still have mice or there is bait left in the box after 14 days, you must contact us within a week (7 days) in order for us to revisit and treat again free of charge
After 21 days from the date of treatment, we will be consider requests for pest control as new treatment, and you will be charged the full amount